Yantai Aopu Mining Machinery Co., Ltd

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Address:No.6, Qunying Road, Fushan Area, Yantai.

2004—2018 Yantai Aopu Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. History

Apr of 2004: the company established

2004 year

2005: R&D and business of coal ploughs,buffer machine, cleaners started

2005 year

2008: cooperation with Shandong Hua’neng Dezhou Power Plant No. 2

2008 year

2009: cooperation with 9 Hua’neng power plants

2009 year

2010: cooperation with Shenhua Sunshine Shenmu Power Generation Co., Ltd. in its improvement projects

2010 year

2008 - now: the company has completed improvement of 96 power plants and help them to accomplish the energy-saving improvement.

2008 year

2011: Dajuzhimen Thermal Power Plant (He’nan)

2011 year

2011: cooperation with Huarun Shenyang Thermal Power Plant

2011 year

2012: cooperation again with Shenhua Sunshine

2012 year

2013: cooperation again with Huarun

2013 year

2014: Cooperation with Guojian Shuangyun Power Plant, cooperation with Datang Sanjianxia

2014 year

2015: Cooperation with 9 Power Plants, cooperation with Hua’neng Power Plant

2015 year

2016: Cooperation with Shandong Electric Power Construction Company No. 3, cooperation with Hua’neng Xindian Power Plant

2016 year

2017: Cooperation with Inner Mongolia Zhengding Electric Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd.   cooperation with Hua’neng Shang’an Power Plant, cooperation with Hua’neng Laiwu Power Plant, cooperation with Hua,neng Liaocheng Thermal Power Plant, cooperation with Haikou Power Plant of Hai’nan Power Generation Co., Ltd., cooperation with Huadian Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

2017 year

2018: Wanhua Chemical (Ningbo) Terminal Co., Ltd.

2018 year