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Address:No.6, Qunying Road, Fushan Area, Yantai.

Yantai Aopu Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yantai Aopu Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of coal ploughs, buffer machine, cleaners, overflow resistant skirt plates and all kinds of mining machines and mining accessory products. The production adopts directly SM70 slab rubber and cold vulcanized gluing technique, which goes ahead in this industry in China.

Remarkable achievements: The biggest project is the export to India for its project JHARSUGUDA6×60providing the belt of 1800mm wide and is currently a project of the biggest quantity at a time in China till now. Later phases of this project will all adapt our products. Our products are also brought in to power plants of Huaneng, Dezhou, Xindian, Rizhao, Weihai, Baiyanghe, Ji’ning either as complete sets or to help their technical improvement, and have all received praises and made outstanding achievements. Shandong Province Electric Power Construction Company No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, nuclear power companies, electric power research and design institute, companies of Brazil, India, Vietnam, Nigeria all use our products in whole sets.

We always stick to such a principle that product quality and uses are the most important, and hold techniques as the guide and solving users’ issues during production as our aim. Seek truth from facts and aim for common development.