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Belt off-tracking is mainly dealt with through installing deviation rectifying devices on the belt rack. There are mechanical rectifying devices and hydraulic ones.

The mechanical rectifying device works mainly through friction with aligningrollers. However, as the working conditions are bad, the slewing bearing of the aligning roller will get easily stuck after a period of use. As a result, it becomes the cause of off-tracking instead of rectifying the off-tracking. As for the hydraulic rectifying device, affected by the environment, its hydraulic pressure system, cylinder often break down, and the rectifying device will be out of order because of oil leaking, all of which bring much inconvenience to the production.

Self-correction double rollers rectifying device has tin bronze and engineering plastics at the reversing part. Combining advantages of 2 materials, hardness, wear resistance of tin bronze and wear resistance, self lubrication of the plastics, the device can be in service for a long time without damage, saving repairing and maintaining labour and increasing production efficiency. The innovativestructure design of the self-correction double rollers rectifying device ensures its accuracy, quickness and power. Rectifying device rollers are standardized and are easy to replace. The rack can serve for more than 6 years.

Our company has patent for this product which is made after years of research and development of relative experts. We change the number of the parallel rollers in the center to two and side rollers to taper, which has following rectifying effects:

Self-correction double rollers reversible rectifying devices model APDK-SK

1、Qty of parallel rollers increases and load on each roller decreases, extending the service life;

2、The rectifying device contacts the belt in a large area, and so it is more steady while balancing the contact torque of the belt and itself;

3、The taper side rollers provide good guiding. Besides, as there is not hard contact between the rollers and the belt, the belt will not be damaged.

Self-correction double rollers reversible rectifying devices model APDK-SK

The picture tells the characteristics of the double rollers self-correction rectifying device:

Self-correction double rollers reversible rectifying devices model APDK-SK