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The frozen materials cleaner is our new product specially developed for the belt conveyors that work outdoors in the cold areas where the belt conveyors are easily stuck with frozen materials. Its development fills up the domestic gap in solving the issue of cleaning off frozen materials sticking to the belt conveyors that run at a low temperature in the northern plants like power plants and coal mines in winter.


Why belt conveyor gets stuck with frozen materials? The first reason is that the materials are adhesive. The second reason is that the materials are wet. When the belt conveyor works outdoors at a low temperature, the materials grains are frozen and stick onto the belt conveyor; and gradually the running belt conveyor is covered by a layer of the frozen materials.


During the production, the belt conveyor cannot get the frozen materials thoroughly discharged at its head. At present, available cleaners at the domestic market cannot clean off the frozen materials. As a result, part frozen materials will fall off when the belt surface touches the bottom supporting rollers in it returning trip and shakes. Day by day, under the belt conveyor is piled with materials fragments. If the fragments are not cleaned off in time, they will block the belt conveyor running.

Our latest frozen materials cleaner can effectively clean off the frozen materials. Frozen materials can be cleaned off by 100%. This equipment can be used in any area if only the temperature is not lower than -45.8℃.

Frozen materials cleaner
Frozen materials cleaner

Hua’neng Shangdu Power Plant: fuels manager Lin Weidong +86-13904796429

Frozen materials cleaner

Hua’neng Yimin Surface Coal Mine: electromechanical engineer E Dengrong +86-18004709690

Frozen materials cleaner

Xilin Hot Thermal Power Plant under Inner Mongolia State Power Energy Investment Company +86-15847915366

Frozen materials cleaner

Jingneng Ji’ning Thermal Power Plant: electromechanical engineer Ma Jianbing +86-18504742128

Frozen materials cleaner

Xinjiang Shenhuo Coal Electricity Co., Ltd.: Production Dept. manager Wang Zhenghua +86-13477120235

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