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Overflow resistant skirt plates of HC[200~350]series

HC[200~350]series are made of rubber in new formula. It overcomes disadvantages of the traditional polyurethane overflow resistant skirt plates, like hardening and damaging the belt in winter while softening in summer and easily worn, and coal leaking, etc.

The biggest characteristic of HC[200~350]series is that it changes the relative movement manners of the plates against the belt and reduces the wearing of the two to the most extent. For example, if the belt speeds if 2.5m/sec, it can serve at least 2 years. The master board of the horse hoof pattern is an initiation in China. It is wear resistant and of good sealing. With the outer sealing semi-circle as the 2nd seal, its function of overflow proof and dust proof is greatly increased.

Besides, following overflow resistant skirt plates with special functions can also be supplied as required

1、Al alkali resistant type

2、Ac acid resistant type

3、Th high temperature resistant type (120℃)

4、Tl low temperature resistant type (-50℃)

All foregoing models models of overflow resistant skirt plates can be made to be of any length with the width from 200 to 350. Our products have been well recognized by big power plants and the company is a producer capable of the most types of overflow resistant skirt plates in China.

About usage of overflow resistant skirt plates and sites

For years, overflow resistant skirt plates have always been made of polyurethane. However, on the one hand the environmental protection has put higher requirements and on the other hand the equipment has been adopted by a lot of dust elimination plants, and by and by, following issues have been exposed:

1、When the temp is low, the materials become hard and directly damage the belt;

2、When the temp is high, performance of the materials also changes;

3、Poor seal of air and dust.

Considering issues mentioned above, the company set out to research and develop a product that meets the current market requirements. With the same objective factors like equipment, overflow resistant skirt plates sealing effect directly affects the result of dust elimination whether it is driven dust elimination or non-driven. Another factor that affects the dust elimination is whether there is negative pressure in the dust elimination chamber. In another word, the overflow resistant skirt plates must be both wear-resistant and of good sealing.

Overflow resistant skirt plates of HC[200~350]series Overflow resistant skirt plates of HC[200~350]series