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purpose and classification


The coal plough, as the shattered materials discharger of the belt conveyor, has been widely used in power, metallurgy, coal, chemical industry, mines, etc. It is an ideal discharging device as it is equipped with the air-locked hopper baffle which decreases the resistance to the belt conveyor to the minimum level and also reduces the flying dust.


(1)according to the discharging outlet position: unilateral, and bilateral

(2)according to the assembling method: left assembly and right assembly

(3)according to the pushing rod mounting method: side pushing rod and vertical pushing rod

(4)according to driving type: electric, pneumatic, electric hydraulic pushing rod.

principle and structure

The whole machine of the coal plough is on an adjustable trough roller lifting structure and can meet requirements of both discharging and non-discharging at the same time at utmost. Materials can be discharged cleanly while not leaking from the running belt conveyor.

The structure of double plough coulters makes discharging cleaner.

The main plough coulter is made of wear resistant materials, which greatly extends its service life.

The back plough coulter is with an automatic spring compensation mechanism, which extends the belt service life and increases the running safety.

It can be both controlled at site and remotely.

The adoption of hopper air-locking baffle reduces the flying dust, improving the working environment.

Patent application
characters of the new plough discharger model LK:

It is a new product developed by Mr. Zhou Desheng, chairman of Yantai Aopu Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. , based on his years of experience on design and production and a lot of customers' reasonable advice. Different from the traditional conveying mechanism whose belt is supported by units of rollers, it uses many flat self-lubricating boards to bear the conveying belt, and so the working surface of the belt is even without dents. This prevents materials leaking from between the rollers. Roller case against self-lubricating board case. Under the plough head, there is a plastic board as the contact surface of the plough coulter and the belt conveyor. Discharging is clean and thorough. Damages, tearing and scratching between the self-lubricating board and the conveying belt are avoided. Safety index reaches 100% and risk index 0%. Wearing is reduced, which saves the repairing and maintaining costs and doubles the belt service life. It is suitable for projects of all remote control, near control and centralized control systems.

structure characteristics

he coal plough has solved issues of all old dischargers. With its structure improvements of front and back double plough coulters, and mounting types of 3 different structures, lock-up device, hand electricity dual use and mechanical self-lock, it is the most advanced discharging and coal separating machine in China at present.

1、The plough head is constructed with a front coulter made of high Cr-Mn or asbestos in its front part and a back coulter made of wear resistant slab rubber. This makes discharging cleaner.

2、The added lock-up device on the plough head is of grabbing type and the coulter height can be adjusted to get close to the belt with its best side. When it works, the plough coulter will not raise up or shake because of the coal impact force, which avoids the belt tearing, wearing and coal leaking.

3、The driving mechanism is the latest mechanical electro-hydraulic pushing rod for hand electricity dual use. It overcomes a lot of issues of the electric pushing rod, like poor loading capacity, motor burning, getting stuck, screw rod knocked bent, as well as new issues with common electro-hydraulic pushing rod, such as leaking, non self-locking, sliding down, climbing, etc. The electro-hydraulic pushing rod for hand electricity dual use has a lot of advantages like absolute self-locking, non-leaking, considerable loading capacity and stable running.

4、Three installation types, A, B, C, are available. The electro-hydraulic pushing rod can be installed either on top of the coal separator, or vertically installed or on two sides of the belt, which is greatly convenient for the users.

5、The baffle of the air locker is made of high Mn-Cr materials and its service life can be as long as 20 years, reducing the repair frequency.

6、Function of the air-locking device: 1) make the materials spread uniformly in case of deviation, materials cementation and leaking along the belt; 2) reduce inducing airing and decreases its speed to 10% or less. 3) apply to conveying adhesive materials, wet materials, chunks and powders without cementation or blocking up.

Installation and debugging

When the coal plough is set up, its location must be suitable for the belt conveyor which is located as per the whole process arrangement while following the basic principle that the coal plough must be installed at the horizontal section of the B=1200 belt conveyor and that the distance between the belt conveyor trough rollers (front and back) center and the plough discharger trough rollers (front and back) center mustn't be less than 1000mm. The installation order: rack → moving framework → rollers rack →rollers → plough coulter → electric pushing rod rack → hopper air-locking baffle. Yantai Aopu Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of coal ploughs. The production adopts directly slab rubber of TIP TOP company of Germany and the cold vulcanized gluing technique, which goes ahead in this industry in China.


When the coal plough and the hopper air-locking baffle have been well installed, the whole machine needs to be debugged following the procedure below:

(1)Check and make sure that every hinge pin has been well connected (already connected in the factory), that rotation is flexible and that lubrication is in good condition;

(2)Check and make sure that trough rolls are in proper position and are contacting the belt as specified; the connecting rod can be adjusted to help to achieve the right position.

(3)Switch on the electric pushing rod and adjust the electric pushing rod limit switch position, so that the electric pushing rod can work in both cases, ie either when the plough coulter is up or down, it can return to the right position. Then fix the limit switch position.

Coal plough Coal plough

(1)The coal plough is normally installed indoors, however, water proof of the motor of the electric pushing rod and the lubrication of every hinge pin must be paid special attention to. Further more, every rotation point must be lubricated with grease regularly.

(2)Often check and adjust the connecting rod stroke to make sure that all trough rolls run at the same speed.

(3)The plough coulter must be exchanged without delay if it is badly worn (the coulter is made of wear resistant cast iron).

Coal plough Coal plough
Coal plough Coal plough

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