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It is set up with 2 scrappers of different materials, SM70 and polyurethane, and can effectively remove the fine grains and wet and adhesive materials from the belt. The buffer seat is of a big area. It neither breaks nor causes materials accumulating, avoiding damage to the belt.It is also suitable for the belt running backward. The vertical buffer spring groups under the coulter seat ensure the good contact with the belt and the scrapping effect. SM70 is made of polyurethane. Its service life is more than twice that of the common types. It is especially suitable for use in the Northeast China and the Northwest in winter. It can also be used on reversible cleaners.

Heavy cleaner for 2nd cleaning HC2
HC2 opening diagram
Heavy cleaner for 2nd cleaning HC2
HC2 installation diagram
Heavy cleaner for 2nd cleaning HC2

Notes: 1、When 2 groups are needed, cancel the one in the middle.

2、C value needs to be adjusted according to the head hopper sizes at the installation site.

3、Y scrappers can be used on machines with reversible belt.

HC2 is under HC1 and is used to clean off the residual powder and moisture from the belt. If better cleaning is required, it is suggested to install more HC2.

Heavy cleaner for 2nd cleaning HC2